Step It Up Dance

step it up dance scotland

Nursery Recital

Wow! We really can't believe how fast the year has gone. We're busy finishing up our final week of classes and looking forward to putting our dancing feet up and enjoying a mince pie or two!

Clocks have gone back.

Winter is upon us.

I love this time of year, getting home from school/work, drawing the curtains, putting the fire on (I would do this if we had one!) and us all getting changed into comfy clothes and settling down for the evening.


Love it or hate it?

As a mum I love my kids having a uniform. It takes that hassle factor out of the clothing situation in the morning.

My 6-year-old isn’t really fussed about what he wears.

My 2-year-old is.

Halloween party pumpkins

Is it just me or does Halloween seem to be getting bigger and bigger?

From Halloween discos at every school to visits to pumpkin patches and the increasing number of guisers that arrive at our door between the hours of 5.30 – 8pm on Halloween night.

Kids birthday party balloons

School’s back and the party invites are coming in! Does anyone else feel a mix of delight tinged with a tiny bit of disappointment when retrieving an envelope from your child’s schoolbag, or is it just me?

Party certificate

So it’s that time of year, they’ve started P1 or they’re back to school and some sort of normality can resume!