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Keeping kids active during the Winter.

Clocks have gone back.

Winter is upon us.

I love this time of year, getting home from school/work, drawing the curtains, putting the fire on (I would do this if we had one!) and us all getting changed into comfy clothes and settling down for the evening.

Sounds good in theory and it often is, but with an active 6-year-old not so great every day during the week. So, how do you keep your kids active during the winter months?

Yes, there are lots of extra curricula classes that they can go to (ours included) but on the days when they don’t have something after school, the temptation to reach for an electrical device becomes greater. Especially when the evenings get darker quicker and going outside to play with their friends isn’t always feasible.

Here’s a few alternatives for the kiddies to stop them reaching for the iPad or that games console controller….

1.       Cook.


If your household is anything like mine, cooking for tea happens when we get home from school/work. On some occasions I’ve been organised and got the dinner sorted in the slow cooker.  But on the days that I don’t having the little ones help with making their tea is a good way to keep them amused, involved and occupied. It also means that if you have any veggie haters then getting them involved in prepping the veggies means they stand a greater chance of eating at least one bite of a veggie…


2.       Puzzle books.


So, it’ not keeping them physically active but it is keeping their minds active. We’ve recently discovered puzzle books. Mazes, word searches that sort of thing. Depending upon the age of your little ones and what their home work is, a word search book can also be a great way of incorporating their homework/spelling/common word homework points in there, but in a fun way that isn’t homework!



3.       Dance.


We would say this wouldn’t we! But compiling a playlist and putting it on after they’ve had their after-school snack is a great way to get toddlers to teens moving and keep them active during the winter.  Spend time getting them to think about what tunes go on their play list. Baby Shark to Little Mix to Abba, it’s a good way to introduce your toddlers to teens to some of the music you used to listen to!


4.       Get scrapbooking!

Again, not a physically active thing to do but a good one all the same. Our current favourite scrap booking activity relates to Christmas presents. I give the kids a toy catalogue and a pen and get them to go through to the catalogue circling all the things they would like. Once that’s done they then go through the catalogue and cut out all the things they have circled. Then they must narrow things down to the things they would really like. It’s a good way of getting them to think about what they really want for Christmas. It’s also a good way of getting them to think about what they may want to save up their pocket money for! You can scrap book anything – older kids may want to think about places they want to visit, things they want to save up for. It’s almost like a Pinterest for kids.


5.       Practice their fave sport or extra-curricular hobby.


Practice makes perfect as they say! Taking 15 minutes each day to practise what they have learnt in any of the outside of school classes they attend is a good way of keeping things going between classes. If you’ve younger kiddies, it also gives them a chance to watch their older brother or sister and have a go themselves!


Have you any other tips on keeping your kiddies active during the winter?