Meet the Step It Up Dance crew in our all new Teacher Feature! | Step It Up Dance

Meet the Step It Up Dance crew in our all new Teacher Feature!

Here at Step It Up Dance we are super-proud of our amazing teaching crew so we thought it was about time we gave them a digital high five and profiled them on our site! We will feature a different member of our team every month so that you can get to know the people who are out there running our classes, hosting our birthday parties and passing on their knowledge to your children week in, week out. First up is Rachel, who joined our crew in 2014 and teaches our full range of classes for all ages. Rachel also loves to party and runs our amazing parties most weekends! Thank you Rachel :)

Q: What's your favourite age group to teach?

A: The great thing about my job is that I get to work with a wide range of ages and I genuinely love them all. It’s great to be able to share a passion for dance with so many, and see children as young as 18 months feel it too. I really enjoy finding different ways for different ages to engage with dance. Since working for Step It Up Dance I’ve gained much more experience teaching younger children; I love their unique, blunt and honest way of communicating!

Q: Please tell us a funny thing that a child has said to you in class:

A: A wee girl in one of my nursery classes  said “Rachel, when you die, who will come and teach us dancing?” !!!!! I’m not sure how old she thought I was!!!!!

Q: What are your favourite dance styles?

A: I’ve practised many styles including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, street dance, jazz, and tap. I was the Senior Ballet Champion for Lincolnshire back in 2010! I’m also a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing although I’ve never studied Ballroom myself!

Q: What fun facts would you like to share?

A: Having done my Master’s degree in Dance Science, I’m also really passionate about aspects of dance such as anatomy, injury prevention, and safe dance practice. I think it’s really important to teach dancers, of any age, how to train their bodies safely, so this is fundamental when I’m teaching. I’m also looking forward to going to Hong Kong later this month to give a presentation at a dance conference! 

Teacher Feature!