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Teacher Feature: Meet the SIUD Crew

We love to highlight the amazing team of loyal, dedicated and talented teachers we have on board and also know that grown ups like to find out more about just who is teaching their children week in, week out. Next up for hear Teacher Feature is Kiara, who has been teaching with us for almost a year:

Q: What dance-related experience and qualifications do you have?
A: I studied for three years at Dance for All in Edinburgh and gained and HND in Professional Stage Dance. Since then I spent several months performing six shows a week in Greece, before coming back to Edinburgh to teach.
Q: What is your favourite age group to teach?
A: I like to teach a variety of age groups! It's fun to teach the little ones and see them have fun trying out the different moves. But I also love working with the older ones on their technique and seeing them progress.
Q: Tell us a funny thing a child has said to you in class
A: I sometimes get told I look quite young and always get asked what school I am at. The children get confused when I tell them I'm 21!
Q: How has dance helped you?
I wasn't the best student in school, especially as I have dyslexia, so dance has always been my go to and my passion!