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Teacher Feature: Meet the Step It Up Dance Crew

Here at Step It Up Dance Dance we are extremely proud of our teaching crew and regularly profile individual team members here on our site so that you can get to know them too! Next up for her Teacher Feature is Alex who joined our crew in 2016 and has already made a great impression with our nursery customers, both children and staff - well done Alex!
Q: What dance-related experience and qualifications do you have?
A: I have an HND in Professional Dance Performance (bonus fact: Alex achieved an A in every module for both years of this course!) and a BA (Hons) in Dance. Performance-wise I have performed at School Of The Arts in Singapore and danced with Broadway Dance Centre in New York and had my choreographic debut at the Theatre Royal with 'GoDance 2017'.
Q: What is your favourite age group to teach?
A: I love teaching both ends of the age spectrum! I love working with really young children of nursery age but then I also love working with the elderly as well. I hope to one day combine a nursery class in an elderly care home establishment and get the best of both worlds!
Q: Please tell us a funny thing a child has said to you in class: 
A: I have very funky, rainbow coloured hair (which changes all the time!) so the kids always have some good things to say! At one taster session when I had blue hair, one child asked me my name as I was setting up and another child shouted out "It's Elsaaa!!!!" - the blue must have made them think of 'Frozen'!
Q: What fun facts would you like to share?
A: I love space and one day hope to travel around our solar system (here's hoping science makes this impossibility possible! My favourite fun fact not related to me is that in prehistoric times, sloths grew to well over 10 feet tall - who knew?!
Q: What dance style would you love to try?
A: I am trained and experienced in most styles but one style I would LOVE to try is traditional Chinese dance! The friend I stayed with in Singapore had been trained in this style since she was a toddler and it is just beautiful to watch, so colourful and graceful, imagine a dynamic fusion of abstract contemporary with balletic technique and a commercial flare - it's awesome!!
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