There's still time to get active this half term! | Step It Up Dance

There's still time to get active this half term!

Get active this half term with our Hip Hop home workout!

February half term is this week in Edinburgh, which means all our classes have been off. As much as we love holidays, it doesn't take long until we start to miss dance class and feel in need of some exercise. If you feel like you've spent find yourself stuck indoors this half term (thanks Storm Ciara!) and at bit of a loss about what to do, don't worry - we've got a great solution!

We've put together a mini Hip Hop home workout with some of our favourite moves and activities. It’s super simple, costs nothing, and is so much fun! Plus it's a perfect way to put down the technology and get active together. All you need is a little bit of space (pushing the sofa back can be part of the warm up) and of course music! Try it at home with your hip hopper and let us know how you get on!

  1. WARM UP
    • Get your heart rate up with some jumping jacks, hops, wiggles and running on the spot.
    • Stand up tall, arms reaching up and bend side to side like a banana!
    • Aeroplanes. Lie on your front, then lift up your arms and chest as high as you can to “fly” through the sky. Hold for a few seconds, then relax and repeat.
  3. MOVES
    • Bottom spin. Exactly that! See who can go the fastest between you and your hip hopper!
    • 180 jump. Jump as high as you can whilst doing half a turn to land facing the opposite direction. If you’re feeling ambitious, try a full 360!
    • Write down four or five different actions on pieces of paper and spread them around the room. Spend about 20 seconds at each action station and make your way around each one. Some examples could be: frog jumps, plank, squats, balance - be as creative as you like!
    • Put on your favourite tune and dance away!
    • After all that activity, relax to some calming music. Lie down, turn out the lights or close the curtains if you like, and gently stretch out.