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Top Tips for a successful Halloween party

Is it just me or does Halloween seem to be getting bigger and bigger?

From Halloween discos at every school to visits to pumpkin patches and the increasing number of guisers that arrive at our door between the hours of 5.30 – 8pm on Halloween night.

Halloween is now a big ‘thing’ for kiddies.

The other night my little boy asked me where Halloween came from. It was at bedtime, so usual delaying going to sleep tactics but a good question none the less.

‘Please Google it’ he asked. I did, (after bedtime obviously!).

I did and it turns out that Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Over time the movement of people across different countries and the meshing of traditions has meant that a more American version of Halloween has emerged here in the UK.

Just this week we received another e-mail from parent pay with a ‘save the date’ for the school Halloween Disco and a Halloween party has already been mentioned by the kids.

Cue a frantic trip to the supermarket to grab a costume before they run out….. (age 7-8 ; why is that always the most popular size?!)

Regardless of the extra tasks involved, I do quite like Halloween if I’m honest.

It seems to be a really social time for kids and often brings kids in the neighbourhood together, whether to go out guising or to a Halloween party.

Are you having a Halloween party for your little ones?

If you are, we’ve compiled some easy but fun games and a playlist to make your kids Halloween party spooktacular!

Game ideas:

  • Halloween treasure hunt: kids just love a treasure hunt, don’t they?! Incorporate some spooky clues and hide them around the house or the garden lit up with pumpkins and fairly lights. Also keeps them outside and away from messing up the house too much!


  • The mummy game: this one is hilarious for kids of all ages. All you need is some cheap loo rolls. One child is the mummy and other child is in charge of wrapping the other child up like a mummy. See who can wrap their friend up the fastest. The first team to complete their mummy using the whole roll of loo paper wins!


  • Bobbling for apples: instead of all kids bobbing for apples at the same time why not…
    • Get the kids to ‘bob’ separately to see who can get the apple the quickest.  (Each child takes a turn with their own fresh apple and fresh water in a bucket).
    • Hanging apples: Suspend the apples on a piece of string from a clothes line. Each child has to catch a moving apple in their mouth, but must have their hands behind their back when doing so. Can also be done with doughnuts if you don’t mind the sugar.



  • Minute to win it games: you can customise to any themed party, but here are some ideas for a Halloween party:
    • Paper cup challenge: You’ll need 40 paper cups with one of them being either a different colour or decorated. Stack the cups with the single colour / decorated cup at the top. The aim of the game is to restack the cups but this time with the coloured or decorated paper cup at the bottom. Each child takes it in turn, who ever stacks the most in a minute is the winner.
    • Wiggle the Biscuit: The aim of this game is to place a biscuit (could be any Halloween themed biscuit such as the Halloween Jaffa cakes) over your eye. You then need to wiggle it down to your mouth using no hands! Tip: tilting your head back makes it easier!

No party is complete without a bit of music and a disco. Even kids who don’t usually like to boogie in front of everyone can’t resist a bit of hip wiggling when it’s at a party. It’s also a great opportunity for the little ones to burn off some energy and for you to have a rest! You can also incorporate a wee game of Halloween themed musical statues in there too.

If you’re stuck for a Halloween themed playlist here’s a quick 15 minute one.

  1. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett
  2. Ghost Busters theme song by Roy Baker Jr
  3. Time Warp: Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. Thriller by Michael Jackson

If you are doing Halloween themed musical statutes, Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter is a good one to add onto this playlist. It’s also a good one to use to wind things down a bit!

One top tip when hosting any kid’s party is to limit the party to one or two rooms in the house i.e. the ‘party zone’. That way it’s much easier to tidy up once the party’s over.

Whatever your kids Halloween party involves, whether it’s a Harry Potter themed movie evening if your kiddies are slightly older, or a crazy, hectic, games-fest of a Halloween party, we hope you have a fun one!



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