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Uniform...love it or hate it?


Love it or hate it?

As a mum I love my kids having a uniform. It takes that hassle factor out of the clothing situation in the morning.

My 6-year-old isn’t really fussed about what he wears.

My 2-year-old is.

Mornings are already a battle to get them dressed, downstairs, breakfasted before we need to head out of the door.  I see a daily battle on the horizon with my 2-year-old as she gets older.  I’m all for her expressing her opinions but I’m sure I have the time to debate what she wears every morning!

That is why uniform is so good. There is no debate. It saves time. It can be put out at night to be put on in the morning. For a time, poor mum, it is gold!

A uniform also gives kiddies a sense of belonging.

A sense of belonging to a school or to a club and to the values they represent.

When you wear that uniform, it can instil loyalty and pride.

That’s why we’ve started to introduce our Step It Up Dance uniform for all our community classes.  Nothing major, just beanies and t – shirts that mean your kiddies can show they are part of the Step It Up team whilst making your life easier by not having to organise what they need to wear for their dance class!