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Kids birthday party balloons

School’s back and the party invites are coming in! Does anyone else feel a mix of delight tinged with a tiny bit of disappointment when retrieving an envelope from your child’s schoolbag, or is it just me?

Party certificate

So it’s that time of year, they’ve started P1 or they’re back to school and some sort of normality can resume!

starting school

This month is a special one for the thousands upon thousands of parents with little ones starting school for the very first time.

We asked SIUD team member, and mum of two, Konica to share her experiences so far.

Step It Up Dance is recruiting

Do you, or someone you know, love to dance and LOVE working with children?

Step It Up Dance was created in 2012 and our mission is to create fun, progressive, educational dance classes that support children’s development (emotional and physical) and build bags of confidence.

summer holiday camps

Here at Step It Up Dance we’ve been running holiday camps for kids in Edinburgh for the past six years and they have become a real highlight of our year.

Hoop Awards 2018

We are so grateful for all of your votes that have resulted in Step It Up Dance being placed Runner Up in THREE separate categories within the first ever Hoop Awards.