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Here at Step It Up Dance we are super-proud of our amazing teaching crew so we thought it was about time we gave them a digital high five and profiled them on our site!

Active Schools

We're sure you can identify with having the type of afternoon where you just wish someone would pick you up and give you a big warm hug? We were having one of those days in the office when all of a sudden a lovely phonecall, followed up by an email brightened up our day!

Performance Crew

EDINBURGH FAMILIES! We are looking for new talent to join our Performance Crew!

teacher recruitment

Do you LIVE to dance?

Do you LOVE to teach?

If YES is your answer to both of the above questions we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Just two weeks into the new term and we were over the moon to receive this feedback from Lee, mum of Lois aged 22 months. Here's what Lee had to say:

Hip Hop Minis (TM) logo

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Hip Hop Minis class specifically designed for mini-movers aged 18 months - 3 years old! Mini Hip Hoppers can take their first steps and find their dancing feet with our brand new Hip Hop Minis classes!