Family Hip Hop | Step It Up Dance

A Step It Up Dance Family Hip Hop party is jam packed full of high energy birthday fun for mini-movers and their families to enjoy together! These 1 hour parties cost £149 and provide a great fun way for younger children to interact with grown-ups as well as each other during special occasions, where attendees will enjoy playing dance-themed games, learning super-cool moves and even a basic routine. The more the grown-ups join in, the more fun these parties are for everyone!

The Family Hip Hop Party package includes a Step It Up Dance teacher to host your party, invitations and envelopes sent out to you in advance, all music (we take requests), all props and equipment we require and a medal for the birthday girl or boy. Our parties are very active and we guarantee that the children (and grown-ups!) will have little red cheeks by the end of the hour.

Please submit the form below or call us on 07428 110 135 for more information.


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